The Kingdom Award

Nominations for The Kingdom Award are now open – please use this form to submit a nomination.

The next Kingdom Award will be announced on Convention Day at Brickvention 2024. Nominations for the 2024 award are now closed. However you can submit a nomination for the 2025 award, which will close on November 1st, 2024.


The Fiona Kingdom Award, hereby known as The Kingdom Award was developed to honour persons who are making a significant contribution to the AFOL community through their time, actions, talents and dedication.

The honouree selected should serve as a role model for compassion, and service and be striving to make the AFOL World a better place.

The individual should have a passion for helping others in the Australian AFOL Community

Fiona Kingdom


Who May Apply?

  • Any individual AFOL actively engaged in the AFOL community
  • Any and all activities of the nominee must be unpaid
  • Nominations can be received either from the nominee as a self nomination or from another individual within the AFOL community. Where multiple nominations are received they will count as one (1) nomination only
  • A maximum of one (1) successful applicant will be awarded each year. There is no obligation to have the Kingdom Award presented every year and will be subject to the applications received
  • Previous Winners of the Fiona Kingdom Award or the Kingdom Award are not eligible to submit an application to the Kingdom Award

Judging Criteria

  • The degree to which their services and/or actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution or impact to an individual AFOL, local AFOL Group, or the AFOL Community at large (40%)
  • The length and degree of their service (20%)
  • The extent to which their service and/or actions might be considered above and beyond the call of duty (20%)
  • The extent to which their actions and/or service would be recognised and valued by their AFOL peers (20%)


Applications must be made on the appropriate nomination form.

  • Tell us how the nominee has displayed their service and/or action qualities
  • What specific outcomes and successes has the nominee achieved
  • Describe any barriers or difficulties the nominee has encountered
  • Who in the AFOL Community has benefited from their service and/or actions
  • How has the AFOL Community benefited from their service and/or actions
  • What is the lasting legacy of the nominees service and/or action efforts
  • 100 word summary of achievements for media, judging and promotional material including use for the Award presentation


  • Nominations close on the 1st of November of the year prior to Brickvention
  • The Committee of Brickventures Inc (BVInc) will review and confirm that each nomination has complied with the specific requests shown on the application form. (November)
  • BVInc will pass the successful nominations to The Kingdom Award Team (KAT)#
  • KAT will review each and nomination and rank the nominations. (December)
  • KAT will pass their recommendation/nomination back to BVInc
  • The Kingdom Award will be presented at the Brickvention Convention Day each year by a member of the KAT.

The KAT will be made up of 1 member from various Victorian LUGs (MUGs, BALD, MLTC, MSELF, ALUG, GLUG etc). The KAT will ‘meet’ via a private facebook to discuss and decide.

Award Recipients

Previous award recipients:

2024: Dale Harris
2023: Richard Jones
2022: Wade Davey
2020: Travis Matheson
2018: Trevor Clark
2017: Michael Peebles 
2016: Kellee Ballard
2015: Ryan McNaught
2014: Tim Gould  
2013: Ross Crawford 
2012: Sue Ann Barber