Brickvention Design

The next Brickvention Design set will be revealed at Brickvention 2024 Convention Day! You can submit your idea at any time to be considered in the future...

Have you always dreamed of designing or producing your own model or set? Brickvention design is a way for model builders to make this dream a reality.

Each year, Brickvention will select a design to be produced as the official Brickvention Design! You could see your model become the next coveted collectors item in the Brickvention world.

Previous Brickvention Design models:


Carlton Terrace House
by Kale Frost

Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 16.04.15


Melbourne Skyline
by Jason Cichon


Luna Park
by Alan Jager


by Gus McLaren


Our next Brickvention Design set will be revealed at Brickvention 2024

Do you have a design to submit? Fill out your details here.
A designer is announced every year at Brickvention, and the winning model is produced for the following year!

Terms and Conditions for Brickvention Design Submissions

The following is an extract from the Brickvention Design Terms and Conditions. Full details will be provided to entries being considered for the program.

You must be over the age of 18 years at the time of submission, must follow all policies and procedures of Brickventures Inc. and be in good standing within the AFOL community.

Design Rules
Your Design:

  • Must be for one set only, no add-ons
  • Must be between 50 and 500 parts
  • Must use only new/currently available parts
  • Must not infringe upon any current copyright from either LEGO® or other sources
  • Must comply with the LEGO® brand values and guidelines. i.e.
    • No politics or religious references
    • No sexual connotations, or nudity
    • No references to drugs, smoking or alcohol
    • No references to death, killing, horror or torture
    • No weapons or items of warfare
  • Designs encompassing Australian or LEGO® theme based designs are preferred
  • Brickventures Inc. makes all final decisions on how a successful BV Design submission becomes a set to be used, including the final design, run size and release
  • All decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered into

Submissions close on the 30 September each year and all submitters will be contacted by 1 December of the same year.  The successful applicant/s will be required to work closely with the BV Design Team to finalise their design, complete parts lists and instructions.