Our Mission

The Melbourne LEGO User Group (MUGs) aims to:

  • Provide a creative outlet for AFOLs, TFOLs and others interested in building and designing with LEGO bricks;
  • Provide a nurturing environment for LEGO fans to exchange ideas, compare building techniques and to achieve their building objectives;
  • Facilitate and encourage others to develop an interest in hobbies related to the use of LEGO bricks;
  • Provide a venue for the discussion of issues related to the use of LEGO bricks;
  • Foster a positive community relationship; and
  • Promote the use of LEGO bricks as a creative medium for all ages.

MUGs hopes to achieve these aims by:

  • Conducting regular monthly meetings for AFOLs;
  • Running an Outreach Program to school, community and social groups to encourage the use of LEGO bricks;
  • Running a bi-monthly MUGs Junior group for children;
  • Presenting displays at  Brickvention, Ringwood Bricks, Queenscliffe Bricks, the Seymour Show, local model train shows, collector fairs, pop culture expos and at other LEGO fan events around Australia;
  • Providing workshops on LEGO building techniques, using Bricklink, photographing LEGO and other topics of interest to the AFOL community; and
  • Engaging in online conversation via the MUGs Facebook group.