Introducing the Brickventures Inc. Committee

The Brickventures committee is made up of a diverse group of volunteers
who bring their unique talents along with their love of LEGO to bring you Brickvention.

Nicole - President

BV Committee IT Nerd since 2018. Part time Air Traffic Controller, Full time Mum.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not an AFOL. However I do love to shop and hang out with my family. I am also a huge fan of the LEGO movies - Everything is Awesome!

Michael - Vice President

Father of two, business owner, LEGO addict. Left my dark years and never looked back. Caravan repair business owner. Founding committee member for Bendigo RV Leisurefest. Caravan Industry Association of Victoria council member, holding the roles of Vice President and Treasurer for the last 4 years. Scout leader and District Leader - Scouts for 13 years. Started Bendigo LUG in 2014, current committee member for Bendigo Bricks, Victoria’s second largest LEGO fan event. Founding member of the Harris Bricks Fan Club. Exhibitor coordinator for Brickvention.

Andrea - Secretary

Self employed Family Day Care Educator with over 20 years experience. Community Service Background spanning over 25 years. Ability to convince multiple 4 year olds to eat Sandwiches. My father owned a Toyworld store when I was a child and loved building the LEGO window displays. I was lucky in 2014 to get to go to LEGOLand in Windsor and it reignited my desire to BUILD. Stared with modulars and minifigures and I am sticking to that! (and a little bit of Architecture, a few ideas sets, maybe a few animals.. OMG did you see the Taj Mahal?)

Cris - Treasurer

BIO: Brickventures Inc Committee Member since 2014 Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors Diplomas in Management, Project Management, Communication & Marketing Career as a Business Development Manager within various industries. Two term local Councillor, founder of the Kinglake Ranges Men's Shed and founding member of the Kinglake Ranges Community Recovery Committee. LEGO: Started playing with LEGO in the 1970's through to the late 80's, this was followed by many years on the dark side until several years after my son was born. To begin it was all for him, but slowly the joy of LEGO returned and now 20 years later, the love affair has returned, with emphasis on Technic, Architecture, Advanced Models and Modulars.

Travis - Committee Member

Travis is a lifelong LEGO fan and unlike many never had a dark age. Travis has been involved with the Australian LEGO community since 2001 when he first joined MUGs. In 2006 he and 3 other members of MUGs put on the very first Brickvention at Melbourne University, which was the first event of its kind in Australia. Since that time Travis has served in a variety of roles on the Brickvention organising committee including secretary, vice-president and president. From 2010 – 2016 Travis served as the LUG Ambassador for MUGs and has travelled to LEGO events across Australia and around the world promoting Brickvention.

Jason - Committee Member

Coming up on 20 years in the concrete industry across SA, NSW, WA and now VIC. Too many hobbies including but not limited to: reading comics, playing board and video games, camping, going to heavy metal gigs and pro wrestling shows, watching boat/water ski/car racing, wristlocking people on the jiu-jitsu mats and Lego. I usually build small things that sometimes incorporate groan inducing puns. Favourite LEGO colour: Olive Green. Favourite LEGO part: 4081b. Have been trying to resign from this committee for years but I must be irreplaceable!

Michael - Committee Member

Kara - Committee Member

Kara is a graphic designer. She got into LEGO late...started with Duplo as a little kid, didn’t get the smaller pieced sets until she was in her mid 20’s (but has since made up for those missed years!) Kara has been a member of Bendigo LUG since 2016, and is the current President and LUG Ambassador for Bendigo LUG (and Bendigo Bricks) Outside of building LEGO and running LEGO fan events, Kara is a cosplayer. Kara is the social media and cosplay coordinator for Brickvention.

Alex - Committee Member

This space intentionally left blank

Our Team at Brickvention...

Brickvention 2024, Royal Exhibition Building

Brickvention 2023, Royal Exhibition Building

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Brickvention 2022, MSAC Albert Park


Brickvention 2020, Royal Exhibition Building