Brickvention Exhibitor Information

You can register your interest in exhibiting at a future Brickvention here.

Exhibiting at Brickvention

Are you interested in exhibiting your creations at Brickvention? Here is a general overview of the application process. You can sign up for email notifications to exhibitors here.

Initial Applications Open: Early July

Applications Close: Mid August

The initial application requires you to submit your details and information about your creation, including the amount of table space you will need for your display. The more detail you can provide the better, although we realise you may be in the early stages of developing your idea. 

Second Round Applications by Invitation: Late August

The second round application confirms your details and requires more detailed information about your creation and pictures. 

Acceptance Notifications: Mid September

Once we have finalised the exhibitor list, successful applicants will be notified by email.

Important Notes:

– From 2023, Exhibitors must be aged 18+ to display at Brickvention.

– While we would love to provide space for everyone to bring along their creations, unfortunately it may not be possible to accept everybody that applies to exhibit. 

– Each person who applies to exhibit will need to apply separately, even if they are part of a joint exhibit. Each exhibitor will be required to provide their own unique email address as part of the registration process.



Video Presentation by Michael Peebles:


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