MUGs Membership

MUGs Membership is intended for people who regularly attend MUGs meetings and are interested in our social events and display opportunities. Memberships run July to June each year.

Full Membership – $50

Joining – $25 – (One off payment)
Annual Subscription – $25 – (Yearly payment)

For those living in Melbourne or Regional Victoria who attend MUGs meetings regularly. 18 years and over. Membership includes:

  • MUGs Bricks – Double MUGs “Membership Brick” upon joining, and a Single “Year Brick” each year
  • MUGs T-shirt upon joining
  • Free MUGs Passport (if wanted, to record attendance)
  • Free Meeting attendance and MOC Comp entry
  • Priority Access to Social nights/Pizza and Partsies/etc
  • Priority Access to the Christmas Party
  • Discounts on a Sellers table at Brickmarket
  • Workshops at Meetings (subject to availability)
  • Additional Benefits as they become available
  • Ability to Nominate and/or stand for Committee Positions
  • Ability to vote in the AGM

Associate Member – $15 (Yearly payment)

For those living outside Melbourne (Regional Victoria or elsewhere) who do not attend MUGs meetings regularly. Also available to those 13 to 18 years old. Membership includes:

  • Free meeting attendance and MOC Comp entry
  • Access to Social nights/Pizza and Partsies
 How to Join:
To join MUGs is a two step process:
  1. Fill out the Membership Form (Note, if there is no link here then memberships are currently not open)
  2. Pay the applicable membership fee via the link in the form. Please carefully select the correct payment option according to your membership type.

Your Membership will not be processed unless you have completed BOTH steps. You will be contacted to confirm your membership.

We recommend visiting the MUGs Facebook Page to keep up to date with all of the latest information on MUGs Membership.