Volunteer Information

Hello Volunteers and Prospective Volunteers!

This page contains most of the general information you need and will answer a lot of your questions about volunteering at Brickvention.

If you would like to apply to volunteer at Brickvention, please fill out this form

Thank you for your interest. Without volunteers, there is no Brickvention, and we are grateful for everyone that contributes to this event!

Brickvention volunteers are needed for:
Bump In – Thursday 
Convention Day – Friday 
Public Days – Saturday  & Sunday 
Bump Out – after 4.30pm Sunday

Our venue for Brickvention 2022 is
Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre – Stadiums
30 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, VIC, 3206

Brickvention will operate under all Victorian Government requirements for COVID safety. The health and wellbeing of our volunteers, exhibitors, and visitors is of the highest importance to us. More information about specific COVD-safe requirements will be made available closer to the event.


All Brickvention exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and photographers must complete any required venue induction / safety certification prior to entering the event. A record of completion must be retained and presented on request at the event.

When your volunteer registration is confirmed, you will receive details on how to complete an  induction and register your certificate of completion.

It is expected that you comply with the terms and conditions you agreed to in your agreement with Brickventures Inc. This includes the following:

Volunteers are expected to act in a manner that will not negatively impact on the reputation of Brickventures Inc or Brickvention. This includes that Volunteers:

• will act in a professional manner at all times.

• will not, by act or omission, act in a way that places the health, safety and welfare at risk of any Brickvention organiser, volunteer, participant, contractor or patron.

• will act in a manner that is respectful regardless of patrons age, gender, disability and/or impairment, sexual orientation, religious belief or activity, etc.

• will not use foul language.

• will not abuse or use bullying type behaviours towards others.

• will not purposefully damage the venue or provided equipment.

• will leave the venue in a reasonable and tidy condition.

There will be NO VOLUNTEER PARKING available at the venue during Brickvention. 

Parking during the event is not provided by Brickventures Inc.    

We encourage you to investigate your own parking or public transport options.

There are two convenient tram routes which drop you right at the front door of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Route 96 (East Brunswick to St Kilda Beach) – Stop 129

Route 12 (City to South Melbourne/St Kilda) – Stop 131 

Check the PTV Website for more information on public transport options in Melbourne.

Volunteers are expected to wear neat casual attire for the event, and will be provided with a vest identifying them as Brickvention Volunteers. This vest must be returned at the end of the event.

At all times during Bump In and Bump Out, you must wear a safety vest and closed toe footwear. 



During the Brickvention weekend, conditions can be unpredictable. Please ensure you take care of your body over the Brickvention weekend. This includes staying hydrated, taking regular breaks, maintaining high standards of personal hygiene commensurate with a public facing role and sharing your love of LEGO with the public.

Please note that all information above is subject to change without notice.
Brickventures Inc. will not be held responsible or liable for any damages or losses encountered by volunteers during the event.