Vendor Information

Hello Vendors!

This page contains most of the general information you need and will answer a lot of your questions about selling at Brickvention. If you are accepted as a Brickvention Vendor, you will also receive a detailed Vendor Manual with specific details around end October / early November.

This document provides you with information about Brickvention, setting up (Bump In) and packing up (Bump Out) for Convention Day (Friday) and Public Days (Saturday/Sunday). 

Bump In – Thursday, 11am – 9pm
Convention Day – Friday, Noon – 3pm ALL vendors must be open during these hours
Public Days – Saturday  9am – 5pm & Sunday, 9am – 4pm
Bump Out – after 5pm Sunday

Royal Exhibition Building
9 Nicholson Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Brickvention will operate under all Victorian Government requirements for COVID safety. The health and wellbeing of our volunteers, exhibitors, and visitors is of the highest importance to us. More information about specific COVD-safe requirements will be made available closer to the event.


As part of REB guidelines, all Brickvention exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and photographers must complete the online REB induction and safety certification. This certification is valid for 18 months, and is a requirement for entering the venue – details must be recorded and presented to REB staff on request.

Entry to the Royal Exhibition Buildings for Vendors is via the Rathdowne Street entrance for both Bump In and Bump Out. 

Rathdowne Street Entrance (VENDORS ONLY):

To access the venue, approach the round about and venue security guard will allow you to enter the loading dock . You are permitted to drive into the loading dock in front of door 8 for a maximum of twenty (20) minutes to unload your equipment. You must then park your vehicles elsewhere. As Southern Drive is CLOSED for renova- tions the closest parking available is Melbourne Museum. There are 6 steps located at door 8. Large vehicles are able to rest their tailgates directly onto the steps for bump in and out.

Access via the Nicholson Street Entrance is for EXHIBITORS ONLY. 

Bump In:
It is compulsory for all attendees to sign in prior to setup. This will be done upon arrival at your allocated entrance door. You will receive your table location upon signing in.

All stall displays and equipment must be installed by close of Bump In on Thursday night.

You are permitted to bring in and out items you can carry on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but this can only be done prior to the start of the days activities at 9.00am. Under no circumstances are you permitted to park and unload on these days outside of the loading dock (door 3).

Bump Out:
Bump out commences at 5pm on Sunday. No person may start packing up or moving out before this time. Once you have packed up, you may move your vehicle to door 3 (loading dock) and load up. Please ensure your MOCs are packed up before moving your vehicle to the loading bay. Exit is via the Rathdowne Street Exit.

At all times during Bump In and Bump Out you must wear:
–        a safety vest; and
–        closed toe footwear.
If you do not comply with the above you will not be permitted to the Royal Exhibition Building.
Brickvention does not supply safety vests. Please ensure you have your own during bump in and out or you will not be permitted in the venue.

Please note: children under 16 are NOT permitted inside the building whilst forklifts or EWPs (scissor lifts) are in operation.

Moving merchandise and display equipment in and out of the venue:

To ensure the health and safety of all Brickvention staff, volunteers, exhibitors and the general public, Brickventures has set strict guidelines on the set up and movement of display equipment and merchandise.

This includes:
– Vendors are permitted to move equipment in and out of the venue during bump inand bump out times.
– All equipment and the majority of merchandise must be installed or in place by the close of bump in on Thursday night.
– Merchandise may be brought in by trolley between Friday and Sunday before to 8.50am. Trollies are not to be used after that time when the public are present in the building.
– Other items that are small enough to be carried may be brought in at any time, as long as a risk is not posed to anyone in the venue.
– Under no circumstances are you permitted to park and unload outside of the loading dock (door 3) during the convention days. The only time this is permissible is during bump in and bump out.

Vendors have been allocated a location in the venue. This includes the requested number of tables as per your agreement. The position allocated to you is final and in line with all safety standards of the Royal Exhibition Building.

All tables are covered by a Brickventures supplied tablecloth that covers the entiretable to the floor. This is a requirement of the Royal Exhibition Building. All boxes and excess packaging must be stored under the tables and the cloths have a part in them to accommodate this. NO boxes or excess packaging may be visible within the Vendor area.

No items (posters, banners, etc) are allowed to be stuck to the walls or pillars of theRoyal Exhibition Building. No tape is to be stuck to the floor without prior discussionand consent of Brickventures Inc.

As a heritage listed building, the Royal Exhibition Building charges Brickventures Incfor any damage sustained during the event (eg. Scratches or chips on walls, floors,etc). Therefore, we request all due care is taken by you and staff across your participation in the event. Where deemed appropriate, costs may be passed to the person responsible for the damage made.

All electrical equipment including leads, transformers, lights, etc must be tested and have a current electrical test tag on it.

You must have your electrical equipment tested and tagged prior to the event. Only the electrician can plug anything into any power point at the Royal Exhibition Building.

The electrician will be onsite on Thursday bump in between 12pm – 8pm. He will also be present during bump out on Sunday night.

Vendors are expected to act in a manner that will not negatively impact on the reputation of Brickventures Inc or Brickvention. This includes that vendors:

• will act in a professional manner at all times.
• will not, by act or omission, act in a way that places the health, safety and welfare at risk of any Brickvention organiser, volunteer, participant, contractor or patron.
• will act in a manner that is respectful regardless of patrons age, gender, disability and/or impairment, sexual orientation, religious belief or activity, etc.
• will not use foul language.
• will not abuse or use bullying type behaviours on others.
• will not purposefully damage the venue or provided equipment.
• will leave the venue in a reasonable and tidy condition.

It is expected that you comply with the terms and conditions you agreed to in your agreement with Brickventures Inc. This includes the following:

Only LEGO and LEGO related merchandise is to be sold/displayed at Brickvention unless permission is granted by Brickventures Inc.

Vendors do not obtain any right or title to any intellectual property of Brickventures (including Brickvention). Any use, reproduction and/or storage of any Brickventures’ intellectual property, including its name and logo, requires prior written agreement of Brickventures.

Advertising by Vendors is not permitted at Brickvention unless prior written permission is granted by Brickventures Inc. The only exclusion to this is the contact details of your business including name, address, phone, website and email address.

Vendors are only permitted to operate within the bounds of their allocated space and must seek the permission of Brickventures Inc if wishing to operate outside of those boundaries.

Banners, visuals and the use of sound must not invade the space of fellow Vendors.

Vendors are not entitled to the convention show bag or to participate in any convention activities unless otherwise specified. If you wish to exhibit or be a convention participant, you will need to register as an exhibitor or a convention member.

Vendors must be present and have enough stock during the allocated times on the convention day and for the duration of the public event days.

Vendors are required to pay any additional cost that Brickventures Inc may incur due to damage (eg. scratches to flooring, chips in the wall) as a result of the Vendor conducting their business.

The Vendor understands that if products or services not detailed on
the original application are sold or provided through trading at Brickvention, that Brickventures Inc reserves the right to close trading and request you leave the site.

Any failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in exclusion from participation in future Brickventures Inc events.

Brickventures Inc reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

A security contractor provides security in the venue during the event. Security guards staff the entrance and exit and they roam the event to minimise risk.

Vendors are responsible for the security of their displays and equipment linked to their own display area. The venue has security outside of event hours to minimise risk.

There will be NO VENDOR PARKING available at the Royal Exhibition Building during Brickvention. Limited disabled access parking may be available and will be communicated to registered vendors.

The nearby Melbourne Museum underground carpark offers discounts for earlybird and prebooked parking. Visit their website for more information:

Parking during the event is not provided by Brickventures Inc.    

We encourage you to investigate your own parking options.

The Royal Exhibition Building is located on tram routes 96 (towards East Brunswick) and 86 (towards Bundoora) The tram stop for the REB is located one stop out of the free tram zone. Attendees can take the tram to the last free tram stop and walk through the beautiful Carlton Gardens to reach the REB.

The closest train station to the REB is Parliament Station.

Check the PTV Website for more information on public transport options in Melbourne.


During the Brickvention weekend, conditions can be unpredictable. Each exhibitor is issued with one convention tshirt which is recommended attire for at least one day of the public exhibition. Often individuals choose to wear these shirts for both days of the public expo. To ensure your shirt is presentable and of a high standard, we recommend caring for your tshirt overnight.

A limited number of additional shirts will be available for purchase at the event should you wish to have a clean shirt to change into. These can be purchased from the Brickvention Merchandise Stand.

Please ensure you take care of your body over the Brickvention weekend. This includes staying hydrated, taking regular breaks, maintaining high standards of personal hygiene commensurate with a public facing role and sharing your love of LEGO with the public.

Vendor Registration

Vendor registration commences at 11am on Thursday. You are required to provide photo ID to confirm your identity to be able to register.
Upon registration, you will receive your lanyard and badge indicating that you are a Vendor.

Vendor Staff and Volunteers

Prior to the event, you will be asked to pre-register Vendor staff and/or volunteers. You will be provided with a tag and lanyards on registration. A maximum of 2 staff/ volunteers per table is allowed (in addition to the Vendor opperator on your application). For example, if you have two tables, you will be permitted 4 staff in addition to yourself (the owner).

Tags and lanyards for all Vendor staff and/or volunteers must be worn at all times during the event.

All Vendors must organise their own staff and/or volunteers to assist during the event. We highly recommend that you do so to ensure are able to have an adequate break during the event.

Vendor staff and/or volunteers may be present on the Convention Day, Public Expo and Bump In or Out days. Unless they are convention attendees or event exhibitors, they will not be entitled to participate in any competitions or receive any of the gifts or giveaways.

Vendor staff and/or volunteers are solely the responsibility of the Vendor  who nominates them.

Please note that all information above is subject to change without notice.
Brickventures Inc. will not be held responsible or liable for any damages or losses encountered by exhibitors during the event.