Brickvention 2022 Information Manual

This page contains information specific to Brickvention 2022. All participants must read the General Information and, if applicable, the section specific to you.

Last updated: 24 Dec 2021.

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General Information

Brickvention 2022 is a COVIDSafe event following all Victorian Government and venue requirements and guidelines.

All attendees must show their COVID certificate and check in to the venue daily. 

Please note that if you are not able to provide a valid COVID certificate (confirming that you are double vaxed or have a valid medical exemption) you WILL NOT be allowed in MSAC. This applies to all persons ages 18 years and over. 

The only valid documentation is a COVID certificate either linked to your Service Victoria smartphone app or printed from Medicare / Australian Immunisation Register. Doctor’s letters and the like will not be accepted. If you are showing a printed copy you will also be required to show photo ID to verify your identity. This is a requirement of entry to MSAC. For information on obtaining a COVID certificate click here.

Whilst you have provided your COVID certificate to us, you must be able to show it to MSAC staff each day. Brickventures Inc personnel will NOT be able to look up and provide your certificate for you during the event.

Effective Dec 24th, face masks are required indoors (except at home) for everyone aged 8 and above at all times, unless an exception applies.

For more information on Victorian COVIDSafe settings and requirements click here.

Please review the MSAC Terms and Conditions of Entry.

Additional information about the venue is available here.

MSAC’s address is 30 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206.

Use these links to get Google Maps directions to:

Loading Docks

Multi Level Car Park

Outdoor Carpark

MSAC Car parks will charge a flat rate event fee of $25 per day. 

There is some timed on-street parking surrounding the venue also. Parking during the event is not provided by Brickventures Inc.

– COVID Certificate – either linked to the Service Victoria app or a printed copy from Medicare / Australian Immunisation Register. If providing a printed copy you will also need to provide photo ID to verify identity.

– If you have a Brickvention lanyard from a previous year, please bring it along. 

– Water bottle – there are many water refill stations at the venue.

– If you need a trolley or similar to move equipment please bring one along.

Bump in commences on the morning of Thursday 6th January. 

PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO YOUR LISTED BUMP IN TIME. Access to the building is staggered to avoid traffic congestion.

Use the interactive map (link to be provided) to locate your display area. 

Once you have unloaded, you must park your car before returning to the building. Enter through the main entrance to complete check in and registration

Bump Out commences at 4.30pm on Sunday 9th January after the exhibition is closed and a group photograph is taken. No person may start packing up or moving out before this time.

Once you have packed up, you may move your vehicle to either the closest loading dock OR the outside carpark and load up. Please ensure your MOCs are packed up before moving your vehicle to the loading area.

You are not permitted to move displays or equipment outside of official bump in or out times. This is to ensure the health and safety of all Brickvention staff, volunteers and participants.

All stalls and displays and must be installed by close of Bump In on Thursday night.

You are permitted to bring in and out items you can carry on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but this can only be done prior to the start of the days activities at 9.00am. Under no circumstances are you permitted to park and unload on these days outside of the loading docks or the outdoor carpark.

Participants are expected to act in a manner that will not negatively impact on the reputation of Brickventures Inc or Brickvention. This includes that you:
• will act in a professional manner at all times.
• will not, by act or omission, act in a way that places the health, safety and welfare at risk of any Brickvention organiser, volunteer, participant, contractor or patron.
• will act in a manner that is respectful regardless of patrons age, gender, disability and/or impairment, sexual orientation, religious belief or activity, etc.
• will not use foul language.
• will not abuse or use bullying type behaviours towards others.
• will not purposefully damage the venue or provided equipment.
• will leave the venue in a reasonable and tidy condition.

The venue provides security during the event. Security guards staff the entrance and exit and they roam the event to minimise risk. Participants are responsible for the security of their displays, equipment and any personal belongings. The venue has security outside of event hours to minimise risk.

On Saturday and Sunday, the main show court (MSAC Arena) will be a lounge area for exhibitors, vendors and volunteers. 

Power will be made available for charging phones but please bring your own charger and ONLY plug in to designated power boards in the arena.

During the Brickvention weekend, weather conditions can be unpredictable. Please ensure you take care of your body over the Brickvention weekend. This includes staying hydrated, taking regular breaks, maintaining high standards of personal hygiene commensurate with a public facing role and showing off your fabulous smiles.

All exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and attendees are encouraged to share Brickvention with their friends, families and networks in the lead up to the event, and during the event via social media. Share your updates and Brickvention adventures using the #Brickvention and #Brickvention2022 on Facebook and Instagram.

Brickvention 2022 Facebook Event

Brickvention 2022 has an official event on Facebook for you to RSVP to and share amongst your friends. Please do!

Brickvention on Instagram

Brickvention is on Instagram too! Tag us, @brickvention in your stories and posts about Brickvention 2022.

Brickvention Posters and Flyers

An A4 Brickvention 2022 poster is also available for you to print and share with your local community. Perhaps there is a cafe you love, or a library close by that you feel would love to know about Brickvention. Print a poster and share it with them! 

All exhibitors, vendors, and volunteers are invited to attend special events over the course of the Brickvention 2022 weekend.

These include:

VIP Night – Friday, Jan 7th 2022 7-9pm @ MSAC

Each year Brickvention celebrates those who make it such a huge success by hosting the Brickvention VIP Night. Attendees are welcomed to the venue for a display preview, canapes and refreshments as well as some light entertainment. This event is ticketed and details on purchasing tickets are provided separately. 

Trivia Night – Saturday, Jan 8th 2022 6-7pm @ MSAC

A fun, fabulous and free event for all Exhibitors and Volunteers will take over Brickvention on Saturday night! Join Quiz Master Travis for a LEGO inspired evening of challenges, laughter and some great prizes!

Dirty Brickster – Friday, Jan 7th 2022 (during Convention Day)

Dirty Brickster is a kind of white elephant gift exchange game and is somewhat similar to how some people do Kris Kringle. Dirty Brickster is a game for Exhibitors and Convention Attendees only. For information regarding Dirty Brickster and registration click here.

Special Needs Session

Sunday 9th January 2022 at 9.00am

Brickventures is very excited to highlight the Special Needs Session which will be operated at Brickvention 2022.

This session is designed for people with special needs including those impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders. The session environment includes low volume and less frequent announcements and fewer people. The session is also longer at 40 minutes.

Please note that 20 minute entry times recommence at 9:40am. The number of people and noise will increase steadily from that time.

Fundraising for Canteen

Every year Brickvention supports different organisations when fundraising, and in 2022 we are pleased to be supporting Canteen. 

Canteen supports 12-25 year-olds dealing with their own diagnosis, a close family member’s cancer or the death of a loved one. Our services also now extend to parents, because when they cope better with cancer and communicate openly, their children are likely to experience less distress and anxiety.

Brickvention aims to contribute to the wonderful work being done by Canteen through fundraising and social awareness.

All times are subject to change. Check back for more information as we get closer to finalising our Convention Day!

Convention Day (Friday 7th January)

8.30am – Doors open & registration opens
9:30am – Conference Program Begins (MSAC Arena)
12pm – Auction Live on Stage
1pm – Lunch Break, Vendors Open, Raffle & Silent Auction Opens
4pm – Vendors Close. Peer / Committee Awards announced.
5pm – Dinner Break
7pm – VIP Night!

Public Expo Day 1 (Saturday 8th January)

8am – Exhibitors arrive for tidying of displays and final set up
9am – Display open to the public
5pm – Public Expo closes for the day. This is a very strict close time. 
6pm – Trivia Night hosted by Travis Matheson

Public Expo Day 2 (Sunday 9th January)

8am – Exhibitors arrive for tidying of displays and final set up
9am – Display open to the public
4pm – Public Expo closes for the day.
4:30pm – Group Photograph, Public Choice Awards announced. Bump Out commences.
~7pm – Pack up concludes

Exhibitor Information

It is expected that you comply with the terms and conditions you agreed to in your agreement with Brickventures Inc. This includes the following:

Advertising by exhibitors is not permitted at Brickvention unless permission is granted by Brickventures Inc prior to the event in writing.
Exhibitors are only permitted to operate within the bounds of their allocated table space and must seek the permission of Brickventures Inc if wishing to operate outside of those boundaries. This includes Technic, Power Functions, and Boost vehicles / builds.


PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO YOUR LISTED BUMP IN TIME. Access to the building is staggered to avoid traffic congestion.

9am: Train groups via loading docks

11am: Other Exhibitors using side entrance via Outdoor carpark.

Once you have unloaded, you must park your car before returning to the building. Enter through the main entrance to complete check in and registration



No display or equipment may be packed up or moved out prior to 4.30pm on Sunday.

Exhibits must be packed up prior to moving your vehicle to a designated loading area.

All electrical equipment including leads, transformers, lights, etc must be tested and have a current electrical test tag on it.

We encourage you to have your electrical equipment tested and tagged prior to the event. However, Brickventures Inc will provide a testing station on the Thursday Bump In. This is staffed by a Brickventures Inc contracted qualified electrician.
The electrician is responsible for all electrical connections to power points. Only the electrician can plug anything into any power point at the venue.

The electrician will be onsite on Thursday bump in between 12 – 4pm. All power requirements must have been listed on your application. He will also be present during bump out on Sunday night. Please note, we cannot give exact times of when power will be switched on. Power will only be provided to those exhibits where requested in the initial application.

Exhibitors have been allocated a location in the venue. This includes the requested number of tables as per your agreement. The position allocated to your display is final and in line with building safety requirements.

All tables are covered by a Brickventures supplied tablecloth that covers the entire table to the floor. This is a requirement of the venue. All boxes and excess packaging must be stored under the tables and the cloths have a part in them to accommodate this.

No items (posters, banners, etc) are allowed to be stuck to the tablecloths, walls, floors or any part of the venue. No tape is to be stuck to the floor without prior discussion and consent of Brickventures Inc and where permission is granted the specified tape must be used.

At the conclusion of the event, Brickventures Inc will be charged for any damage sustained to the venue during the event (eg. Scratches or chips on walls, floors, etc). Therefore, we request all due care is taken by you and your representatives across your participation in the event. Where deemed appropriate, costs may be passed to the person responsible for the damage made.

Each exhibitor is issued with one convention tshirt which is recommended attire for at least one day of the public exhibition. Often individuals choose to wear these shirts for both days of the public expo. To ensure your shirt is presentable and of a high standard, we recommend caring for your tshirt overnight.

A limited number of additional shirts will be available for purchase at the event should you wish to have a clean shirt to change into. These can be purchased from the Brickvention Merchandise Stand.

Always ensure your display is labelled with a MOC (My Own Creation) Card (other- wise known as a Model Info Card) so people know who is responsible for the build. A copy of the MOC Info Card is linked below, and is usually posted in the Brickvention Exhibitors Facebook Group. It is a PDF document – open it and type in the details required, then print in colour if possible. Brickvention will supply a stand for you to place this card in. Printing for MOC Cards will not be available during Brickvention so please have it printed and with you when you arrive.

If you have a group or collection of models that make a scene or display, only use one card for the whole layout/display and not for every single item. For example: a group of spaceships by the same person could be called “The Galactic Armada” rather than naming each ship. This request is to prevent your display looking cluttered with Exhibit Info Cards which may detract from the actual models and to be eligible for a Brickvention Prize.

NOTE: Ensure you download the correct MOC card for your exhibit – if you are not part of the train groups or the GBC then download the general card. Also the build name on your MOC card must be the same as what you supplied in your application, so people can vote for your MOC!

Links to MOC Card template: General Exhibits  /  Train Group Exhibits / GBC Module Exhibits

Voting and Prize Eligibility

Voting is back in 2022 – and you could win some awesome prizes!

To be eligible for a Brickvention prize, you must have a correctly filled in and displayed MOC Card at your model. This MOC Card will provide the AFOL community and public with information about your display for voting on Convention Day and the Public Expo Days. Voting will be opened on the Convention Day by the Brickventures Inc Committee.

Please ensure you use your registered display name. We will remind you of this when Model Info Card (MOC) details are sent in December.

Stage your display

Try not to put too much on your display. If possible, link items together in a diorama rather than it just being a display of models. Make sure there is plenty of space between each model/diorama. Don’t try to fill every bit of your table with lots of models. If you put too much on your display, it will be difficult to focus on the detail of each model.

Build UP not out

If possible, give your display some height so it is visually appealing. This might be via a mountain side if building a landscape or via some form of small plinth or stand if displaying individual models. There are many ways this can be achieved and it will make your display stand out and draw the attention away from those that are all the same height.

Ditch the dust

Make sure your exhibit is clean dust free. People will notice dust. A paint brush or make up brush are good dusting tools. Try to do this before you get to the venue.

Display Code

Ensure your display looks tidy throughout the weekend. Food, Water bottles, coffee cups and drink cans should not be placed on display tables. Check your display every few hours to see if anything has fallen over or needs repairing etc. Although most patrons are usually pretty good, it is easy to bump a table and disrupt a display.

Sticky fingers

If you are worried about a particular minifig being on your display because it is valuable, please don’t display it without correct supervision. You are responsible for your models at all times.

Don’t get too close to the edge

Where possible, avoid placing items close to the edge of your display. Models too close to the edge of tables are at risk of being bumped and or broken by passing patrons.

Display tables

Display tables are there for your MOCs. They are not to be used for building, sorting or working during the Public Expo days.

Transportation of MOCs

When transporting exhibits, make sure they are securely packed in a strong box. Custom made boxes often work best with large exhibits. We recommend the use of plastic wrap (glad wrap or specialised postal/pallet wrap) to hold the model together and bubblewrap to avoid bumps in transit. It also helps to place smaller models in individual ziplock bags. Do not trust that a model will survive in the back seat of your car or an ordinary suitcase.

For larger exhibits, we recommend modularising the build so it is easier to transport.

Vendor Information

It is expected that you comply with the terms and conditions you agreed to in your agreement with Brickventures Inc. This includes the following:

Only LEGO and LEGO related merchandise is to be sold/displayed at Brickvention unless permission is granted by Brickventures Inc.
Vendors do not obtain any right or title to any intellectual property of Brickventures (including Brickvention). Any use, reproduction and/or storage of any Brickventures’ intellectual property, including its name and logo, requires prior written agreement of Brickventures.

Advertising by Vendors is not permitted at Brickvention unless prior written permission is granted by Brickventures Inc. The only exclusion to this is the contact details of your business including name, address, phone, website and email address and business logo.

Vendors are only permitted to operate within the bounds of their allocated space and must seek the permission of Brickventures Inc if wishing to operate outside of those boundaries.

Banners, visuals and the use of sound must not invade the space of fellow Vendors.

Vendors are not entitled to the convention show bag or to participate in any convention activities unless otherwise specified. If you wish to exhibit or be a convention participant, you will need to register as an exhibitor or a convention member.

Vendors must be present and have enough stock during the allocated times on the convention day and for the duration of the public event days. Vendors are required to pay any additional cost that Brickventures Inc may incur due to damage (eg. scratches to flooring, chips in the wall) as a result of the Vendor conducting their business.

The Vendor/Displayer understands that if products or services not detailed on the original application are sold or provided through trading at Brickvention, that Brickventures Inc reserves the right to close trading and request you leave the site.

Any failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in exclusion from participation in future Brickventures Inc events.

Brickventures Inc reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO YOUR LISTED BUMP IN TIME. Access to the building is staggered to avoid traffic congestion.

Large vendors may bump in via loading docks from 9am Thursday 6th January.
Small vendors may bump in from 11am Thursday 6th January.

Once you have unloaded, you must park your car before returning to the building. Enter through the main entrance to complete check in and registration.

Bump Out may not commence prior to 4.30pm Sunday 9th January.

Volunteer Information

Enter MSAC via the main Brickvention entrance. When you arrive, please notify door staff who will direct you to the sign in location. For all times attending you will need to sign in and out and collect / return your lanyard.


If you have previously volunteered with Brickvention and have a volunteer t-shirt, please wear it again. If you are new to volunteering with us we will supply you with one when you register.

Volunteer Lounge

Volunteers may store belongings in the designated conference room upstairs. All Volunteers may also access the Exhibitor Lounge which is the main show court (MSAC Arena) on Saturday and Sunday. Please ensure that you leave all areas in a clean and tidy state at all times. We encourage you to bring a water bottle and utilise the refill stations around the building.

Thank you again for volunteering at Brickvention! 

Cosplayer Lounge

The cosplayer lounge is located in the large conference room on the first floor. Bottled water will be provided for convenience.

Raising Money

By participating in Brickvention you are helping run a spectacular event. Your contru- bution at Brickvention not only brings joy to thousands of families, but you also help raise funds for the nominated charities of Brickvention 2022. This year our cosplayers will be raising funds for Canteen.


Intellectual Property Agreement

Thank you for joining the Brickvention 2022 volunteer photographer team. As a member of this team, you will be granted free access to the Brickvention 2022 weekend.

Photography roles will be allocated to each volunteer photographer for Brickvention 2022. These roles may include a focus on portraits, crowds or models over an allocated time.

Unless advised to the contrary, all photographs will remain the intellectual property of the photographer who took them. Brickventures Inc will receive unlimited reproduction rights to these photos. Credit will be given to the photographer when photos are used by Brickventures Inc.

All photos taken over the Brickvention 2022 weekend must be supplied to Brickventures Inc in high definition soft copy (via USB or uploaded to a provided file share location) within 2 weeks of Brickvention 2022. USBs will be provided at your sign in shift for this purpose.

By taking on the role of Brickvention Photographer, you agree to the terms and conditions set by Brickventures Inc and will abide by the code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in immediate removal from Brickvention.

Signing in

Please ensure when you sign in that the Photographer Coordinator is aware you have arrived. They will provide you with any specific instructions.

Providing your photos to us

There are a few options to get your photos to us. If you’d like a USB stick to return to us with your photos please let the Photographer Coordinator know and they will arrange to give you one at Brickvention. If you are able to make them available for us to download from your server or a shared drive, please email when they are available. We are also investigating a 3rd party site which you can upload your photos for us and more information will be provided by Brickvention for this option.