Brickventures Inc. LUG Grants Program

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At Brickvention 2020 we announced the Brickventures Inc. LUG Grants program.


To strengthen the AFOL/LUG communities in Victoria.


Scope of Policy

This policy shall be applied to any request of Brickventures Inc. for funding received from other organisations and community groups.



The LUG Grants Program offers:

  • A maximum of $2,000

  • Grants primarily for once-off or start-up projects or activities aimed at growing an event.

  • Regular assessment throughout the year: Applications submitted from October to February are assessed in March, applications submitted from March to May are assessed in June, and applications submitted from June to September are assessed in October

  • The pool of grant funds will be set annually as part of the Brickventures budget

  • The portion of funds allocated in each granting round will be at Brickventures discretion.



  • Applications will only be considered from Victorian based groups and organisations or those meeting a demonstrated need within the LUG/AFOL Community

  • Applications for amounts to $200 do not require matching contribution.

  • Groups must demonstrate a significant contribution in the form of cash, voluntary services or in kind support for amounts from $201 to $2,000.

  • Applications for recurrent funding may be considered, but may be given lesser priority.


Applications will not be considered within the following categories

  • Individuals

  • Applications by commercial or private (for profit) organisations

  • Retrospective funding (i.e. projects that have already been started or have been completed).

  • Activities that could be described as an organisation’s core business, administration or day-to day operation.


Assessment Process

The assessment of all grant applications is the responsibility of the Brickventures Inc. Grant Assessment Panel “BVIGAP”.

Applications for $200 and under

Assessed and approved by the BVIGAP with a report back to the Committee of Brickventures Inc. on their decision.

Applications for amounts $201 and over

Assessed by the BVIGAP with a recommendation back to the Committee of Brickventures Inc.


Assessment Criteria

The BVIGAP will use the following list of criteria to assess applications to the Brickventures LUG Grants Program:

  • The proposed project is based within Victoria.

  • Funding for the project is not readily available from other sources

  • The applicant is from a non profit organisation

  • The project increases LUG community participation

  • The project meets a demonstrated LUG community need and contributes to improved wellbeing The project is social, recreational and/or educational in nature and increases learning and skill development

  • The project enables the applicant to broaden its role in the LUG community

For more information and to apply, please download the Brickventures LUG Grant Application Form. Completed forms should be returned to grants at brickventures dot com