Exhibitor Glossary

Brick Badge: A 1×8 white brick with up to 20 characters engraved in black lettering. It could be a name, nickname, build name, or almost anything else really. Note that we won’t print anything we deem offensive or inappropriate. Each exhibitor receives one brick badge, regardless of the number of builds. See below.

Brickvention Year Brick: Exhibitors receive an event year brick to commemorate exhibiting. Each exhibitor receives one year brick, regardless of the number of builds. See above.

Brickvention Year Double Brick: This brick is available for purchase at the merch stand from Convention Day until sold out. 

Bump In / Out: Bump in refers to the period of time available for setting up your exhibit. All exhibits must be completely installed by the close of bump in – exhibits can not be set up during convention day or exhibition days. Bump out is the time when you can pack up and remove your exhibit, and is usually after the close of the exhibition. Exhibits must not be packed up prior to the announcement that the exhibition is closed. Logistics for bump in and bump out will be advised in the exhibitor manual.

Exhibitor Bag: Each registered exhibitor will receive an exhibitor bag full of merch! It usually contains: a bag of some variety (but may be other cool merch instead); exhibitor tshirt; brick badge; Brickvention year brick; exhibitor set; some promotional material from our vendors; complimentary food bricks. 

Exhibitor Set: Each year, the Brickvention team creates a small custom build as a gift to exhibitors for displaying at Brickvention. Instructions for this set are online and can be accessed via the QR code supplied with the build.

Exhibitor Tshirt: A coloured tshirt with the Brickvention logo on the front and “Brickvention Exhibitor” on the back. You will be required to notify us of your tshirt size at some point after you are accepted to exhibit. Each exhibitor receives one tshirt, regardless of the number of builds. Occasionally it may be possible to order additional tshirts, this will be advised when you advise us of your size.  Here is the size chart:

Food Brick: Each registered exhibitor will be supplied with 2 bricks that can be redeemed for $10 towards a food or beverage purchase at Brickvention. Note that change cannot be given if the purchase is under $10.

Tables: Most exhibits will be placed on tables which are covered with a black, floor length tablecloth. Tables are 2.4 metres long, and 76cm deep. If you imagine a table with 32×32 baseplates laid out on it, you can fit 9 wide x 3 deep. It’s really important to give an accurate measurement for your build when you apply, as it is very difficult to add and remove table space later in the process.