Convention Day Overview

Welcome to Convention Day 2024! This page contains information on the program and activities on Convention Day. 

Click here for the latest schedule, please note this is subject to change right up until the start of the day so please check back for the latest.

From 9am til Noon, all talks and activities are at the main stage. We endeavour to keep to the schedule – we try hard not to run late, and if we’re running early we’ll wait until the published start time for the next agenda item – so please use it as a guide.
There is a 1 hour break for lunch from noon, at this time the vendors and the merch stand will also open (until 3pm). There is a raffle and a silent auction which will operate from beside the merch stand. Please remember there is no food/drink options on site on Friday so plan to bring your own or use this time to venture out for lunch.
The afternoon includes optional workshops and talks as well as Dirty Brickster – more information on these activities is below. It’s also free time to wander around and check out the exhibits without the crowds!
Then please join us back at the main stage from 4.30pm for final announcements including silent auction winners and raffle draws.

We can’t wait to see you at Brickvention 2024 Convention Day!

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Convention Day Workshops

Brickvention 2024 Workshops will be held on the ground floor of the REB in the interactive zone, which is located in the northern transept (from the dome, walk north towards the Museum).

Workshops are 45 minute sessions on specific topics and may include bricks to take home! 

Important Note: This year we are using a “silent workshop” arrangement. As there will be noise from both the main stage and other activities, workshops will be conducted with audio broadcast via an app to your mobile device. It is a requirement of attending workshops that you download an app in advance and bring headphones with you to hear the audio of the workshop. If you are unable to do this you may not be able to hear the speaker. Please note we are unable to supply devices or headpphones to listen to the workshops, you must bring your own. When you arrive at the workshop you will need to connect to the Brickvention WiFi and scan a QR code with your device which connects you to the audio stream. Click the icons below to download the app to your device.

1:15 – Building with Texture by Dale Harris SOLD OUT

This is a hands on session with Dale to learn how to incorporate texture into your builds. Participants will be building two small builds taken from Dale’s current Brickvention build. You can see more of Dale’s work at his website, HarrisBricks
Cost: $30

2:15 – Become a Pinball Wizard with the LDC Master Model Builders SOLD OUT

Discover how a straightforward yet ingenious technique can create a fun playable pinball challenge, all without the use of motors. Designed and hosted by the Master Model Builders from LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne, you will get all the parts to build, create and take home your own starter pinball game, which you can enhance with your own obstacles to make a unique course.
Cost: $25

3:15 – New Elementary with Tim Johnson SOLD OUT

Get hands on and create with some of the newest elements in this creative workshop with Tim Johnston from New Elementary. Please note that there are no take home parts included in this workshop.
Cost: $5

Convention Day Talks

Convention Day 2024 talks will be held on the main stage and are free for all to attend! 

1:15 – Alex Kastelic, Bricklink 

We are pleased to welcome Alex from Bricklink to talk to attendees about the Bricklink Designer Program.

2:15 – LEGO Masters and Brickman Panel

This panel was a hit at Brickvention 2022! Here’s your chance to hear from Brickman and a group of LEGO Masters about the show and their experiences.

3:15 – Richard and Jay from Extra Pieces Podcast

Richard Jones (The Rambling Brick) and Jay Ong (Jay’s Brick Blog) take the stage to talk LEGO Fan Media and more!


Dirty Brickster

Travis will again be hosting Dirty Brickster in 2024. Dirty Brickster is a kind of a white elephant gift exchange game and is somewhat similar to Kris Kringle. Each participant brings exactly one wrapped gift. The gift must be boxed LEGO set/s to the value of $50 – no stationary, bags of parts or non brickbuilding items. We understand Lego do not sell sets with a RRP of $50.. the set should be within the $45 to $50 range. Please try to choose something that you yourself would like to receive as a gift!

When the Dirty Brickster begins, participants form a circle with the gifts piled in the centre. Everyone checks their spot for the starting marker. If you have the marker, you go first. In a clockwise direction, each participant chooses a gift by either (a) unwrapping one from the pile or (b) stealing a non-locked gift. In the event that a participant’s gift is stolen, they have the same choices except they may not steal back the gift that was just stolen from them. Gifts are automatically locked (and out of the game) after being stolen for the third time. Once everyone has had a turn, the first participant may elect to steal any non-locked gift beginning a new round of theft. Once all gifts have been unwrapped and the theft has stopped, the Dirty Brickster game ends.

Pre registration is required for Dirty Brickster by purchasing a free ticket here., commencing 10am Weds 3rd January.

You can register for the 1.30pm (FULL) or 2.30pm session. Spots are limited.

Once you have registered, you are required to arrive with your gift pre-wrapped at your chosen time by the main entrance on Convention Day.

Trivia Night

MUGs Trivia night will be held on Friday 19th January at 6pm at the REB. At the conclusion of Convention Day, feel free to spend an extra hour wandering around the exhibition (or duck out to grab some dinner) before joining Travis for trivia and more!

Please remember there will be no food or drinks available for purchase at the REB, you may bring in your own food however please leave the area tidy at the end of the night.

Bring your team of 4 or come along and find a team when you register on the night. 

Convention Dinner

The Brickvention 2023 Convention Dinner will be held on Saturday 20th January, 7pm, at the State Library Victoria. There are only a few days left to purchase your ticket as they must close on Dec 30th!

Brickvention 2024 Convention Dinner Flyer

Please download and read the flyer for full information on the dinner. Registered exhibitors can purchase a Convention Dinner ticket at half price using their registered email address as a promo code.