Convention Day 2023

This page is your one stop shop for all information about Convention Day at Brickvention 2023. Please note that information is subject to change up until Convention Day on Friday 20th January 2023. 

We are releasing this information in advance to allow you to plan your convention day. We realise that there may be multiple conflicting activities you wish to attend however we have limited space and time to work with.

Tickets will go on sale via the link in the relevant section at the following times: 
  Monday 19th Dec 6pm – Convention Dinner Tickets on sale
  Monday 19th Dec 7pm – Workshops and Talks on sale
  Monday 19th Dec 8pm – Dirty Brickster Registration open
Use the links in each section below to book.

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Convention Day Schedule (Subject to Change)

Click here for the Convention Day Schedule.

Please note that all items are subject to change and you should check it again on the day of the convention. There will be QR codes available at the venue to help you open this page on your mobile device and refer to it throughout the day.

Workshops and Talks

Workshops and talks are back in 2023! Each workshop or talk runs for 40 minutes, and there are limited tickets available in each session. You can read information on each session in the convention day schedule linked above. Workshops and talks will be held on the upper level of the REB, access is via stairs / lift near the main exit or stairs near the main entrance. 

Purchase tickets via the links below which will be active from Monday 19th Dec at 7pm.

1.15pm – New Elementary Workshop ($10)
2.15pm – Plants and Trees Workshop ($25) – SOLD OUT
3.15pm – GBC Workshop ($45)

Dirty Brickster

Travis will again be hosting Dirty Brickster in 2023. Dirty Brickster is a kind of a white elephant gift exchange game and is somewhat similar to Kris Kringle. Each participant brings exactly one wrapped gift. The gift must be boxed LEGO set/s to the value of $50 – no stationary, bags of parts or non brickbuilding items. We understand Lego do not sell sets with a RRP of $50.. the set should be within the $45 to $50 range. Please try to choose something that you yourself would like to receive as a gift!

When the Dirty Brickster begins, participants form a circle with the gifts piled in the centre. Everyone checks their spot for the starting marker. If you have the marker, you go first. In a clockwise direction, each participant chooses a gift by either (a) unwrapping one from the pile or (b) stealing a non-locked gift. In the event that a participant’s gift is stolen, they have the same choices except they may not steal back the gift that was just stolen from them. Gifts are automatically locked (and out of the game) after being stolen for the third time. Once everyone has had a turn, the first participant may elect to steal any non-locked gift beginning a new round of theft. Once all gifts have been unwrapped and the theft has stopped, the Dirty Brickster game ends.

Pre registration is required for Dirty Brickster. Registration opens 8pm Monday 19th Dec using THIS LINK.

Register for 1.30pm session or register for 3pm session. Note that if you can’t select a particular time or if the form no longer loads then sessions are full.

Once you have registered, you are required to arrive with your gift pre-wrapped at your chosen time under the dome on Convention Day.

Trivia Night

Trivia night will be held on Friday 20th January at 6pm at the REB. At the conclusion of Convention Day, feel free to spend an extra hour wandering around the exhibition (or duck out to grab some dinner) before joining Travis for trivia and more!

Please remember there will be no food or drinks available for purchase at the REB, you may bring in your own food however please leave the area tidy at the end of the night.

Bring your team of 4 or come along and find a team when you register on the night. 

Convention Dinner

The Brickvention 2023 Convention Dinner will be held on Saturday 21st January, 7pm, at the Old Melbourne Gaol. Enjoy a visit to a Melbourne icon a short distance from the REB including 3 course dinner, drink vouchers and more.

Brickvention 2023 Convention Dinner Flyer

Please download and read the flyer for full information on the dinner. It is important to note that subsidised tickets are only available to registered exhibitors. Any tickets purchased at a discount which are not in the name of a registered exhibitor, or multiple tickets purchased under one exhibitor name, will be cancelled. 

Convention Dinner Tickets will go on sale Monday 19th Dec at 6pm, click HERE to purchase.